Netherwood Osteopathic Clinic

Netherfield Osteopathic Clinic, 15 Park Road, Netherfield, Herts. HE15 4RU

Phone: 01442 000000

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Osteopathy is probably the most effective treatment for a multitude of problems we have with the way our bodies move.

It's more than just  a treatment for back pain or joint pain, but looks at the body as a whole and identifies the root causes not just ways to alleviate symptoms.

Your first session with one of our osteopaths may last an hour while we talk to you about your medical history and what brought you to us.

Further sessions are thirty minutes of undivided attention. Most of our patients require less than five sessions although some choose to come back for routine checkups as they might for the dentist or optician.

Netherwood Clinic is set in tranquil surroundings just a couple of miles north of Hertford, but also near to Harlow, Hoddesden, Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City.